SENTIDO > ABOUT is a digital imprint of Casavaria Publishing and the first of Casavaria's Premium-class Digital Discursive Communities. More than just a news site, it is the internet-based manifestation of a necessary, yet daring, ongoing project to create discourses for cultivating debate and probing the depths of our free press, and to bring to readers a deep, textured resource for comprehending events in the global community.

"Sentido" means sense in Spanish, as in reason or making sense, but it also means something felt or heard, and even the meaning of an event, a work of art or text, or of a statement. As such, Sentido is designed to be a functional digital community devoted to news and reportage around the world, with an eye to expressing the underlying situation, historical background, or philosophical divergence represented by a given story or chain of events.

We might be asked "Why .tv?" is an online newspaper of sorts, based primarily in hypertext, i.e. the written word. But, the .tv suffix is brief, elegant, and allows us to let you know that Sentido is more than just news, more than just text. It is long distance viewing, the opportunity to see what takes place a world away, while keeping to direct, well-thought language designed to bring the details to you.

Our Fair Trade and Sustainable Development reports are one of the tools we bring to news gathering and reportage which will provide readers with a broader, deeper, more textured view of the world in economic and political terms.

It is also part of Sentido's business plan to begin to move into podcasting and video-podcasting, making the site a truly multimedia affair, sometime in late 2006 or early 2007. This will enhance the ability of our project to deliver quality news from around the world, in a format which is adjusted to your needs and tastes.

Through In the Loop, we hope to provide information about major events, and a thorough and evolving critique of media trends and individual examples of media coverage, to give the reader more information about what can and what can't be considered trusted sources.

Through Broadsheet, our archive section, we make all past stories from Sentido's front page available to readers. The service is currently free, but will evolve over time into a more complex, searchable survey publication, in which all Sentido stories will be available, possibly for a subscribers' fee.


In the interests of promoting and measuring a media culture that prizes truth and investigation above market-matrices and targeted information distribution...

In the interests of cultivating a truly free and independent press, whose role and whose principles are understood by consumers and honored by elected officials...

Sentido seeks to formulate, inspire and host an ongoing examination of news media, journalistic integrity, and expressive responsibility, as well as the degree to which commercial interest intervenes in reporting itself.


All original work published through Sentido remains the original copyright-protected intellectual property of its author. Quotes, abstracts and links to stories from other news services are included under fair use standards of copyright law and do not indicate any actual partnership, endorsement or collaboration of any kind. All content generated by other sources and cited by Sentido remains under the full copyright control of its author or copyright-holder, and Sentido makes no claim on such content. [Full Copyright Policy]



Each section will contain subsections and will include both traditional journalist reportage and academic research relevant to the issue being examined.

This section deals with geopolitcal, ecological, economic and other issues relevant to global affairs. It will also examine the progress of diplomatic undertakings and the effectiveness of international law.

For consumers of domestic American news and information.

This section deals with issues of the day but also will trace history relevant to current events, and provide background on concepts and philosophies that often compete for prevalence in political debates.

Sentido will also report regularly on trends and developments in various scientific fields, ranging from space exploration to biotechnology, ecological sustainability and IT.

It is Sentido's editorial stance that ecological issues in science, politics, economics and in broad practice, both public and private, need to be taken into account as they are intimately interlaced with the details of each of those areas of news and current events, so we feature our ecology section as one of the top-level subsections of our publication.

It is the position of Sentido that all news, information, debate and crises, are informed by cultural trappings and the views of those immersed in a given place, time, and historical heritage. For this reason, and to underscore the richness of the human character, Sentido will devote much of its work to reviewing, researching, and reporting on cultural history, present and promise.

Like any good news source, Sentido will provide editorial commentary tied to issues of burgeoning or sudden importance, in order to properly frame the debate and support reporting efforts.



Sentido's media-prism project is designed to examine consistencies and inconsistencies in media accounts of major events. The collective project of comparison and informed scrutiny aims at tracing and inspiring pursuit of stories of vital interest to human beings around the world.


This section, together with other aspects of the Prism project, will put controversial stories in front of readers, allowing them to do the research they need to do in order to find out what is not commonly said by mainstream media sources. Whether for lack of time, lack of space, ideological preference, or for what are called "apparent market conditions", much of the mainstream media today imposes a sort of self-censorship on issues of vital importance. This leaves a disturbing number of people without important information about their society or their government, leaves them "out of the loop".

"In the Loop" aims to bring media consumers back inside the important stories which will (whether they are commented or not) inevitably shape the world in which they are living, in some cases even the office environment where they work or the climate of negotiation, competition and profitability within an industry, a community or a region.

Sentido's media-prism project is designed to examine consistencies and inconsistencies in media accounts of major events. The collective project of comparison and informed scrutiny aims at resuscitating a climate of passion for media-inpsired transparency among the instruments of power in our society, as intended by the First Amendment freedom of the press.

Through the Error Watch section, Sentido seeks to keep track of errors in major news sources, soliciting feedback regarding such errors from readers, and from journalists. The Error Watch will note whether errors have been corrected, how significant the error is, and whether an apology followed a particularly egregious erroneous report. This said, it will not be a comprehensive list of all errors everywhere; a fact-checking task of that size is unmanageable for any news agency. Instead, Sentido will highlight particular "moments" of erroneous reporting, using examples of media caprice or carelessness to bring attention to overall trends in reporting, writing and broadcasting.

Though a hub for journalism and media scrutiny, Sentido also offers original essays, based on research or conceptual abstractions, with which to frame and expand the meaning of the overall Sentido media prism project.

The Daily Intercept

The Daily Intercept assembles a variety of news materials, centering on news feeds from various sources of global content. This section also includes a recounting of News Briefs (headline to headline elliptical text), as well as links to other news sites, and content which leads readers back to other sections of the Sentido site. This service is aimed at offering a quick glance of the resources available at Sentido, alongside the constantly updated news feeds from around the world.



Sentido is free for the public, produced and maintained by Casavaria, with Premium sponsorship options for media organizations or individual members that support the central mission of the Sentido media model.

Ideally, Sentido will serve as a platform for massive institutional transparency, in order to reduce a base of the public trust and empower the individual.

The concept of the Transparency Yield will be a regular part of Prism, the section in which stories published at Sentido, and by participating partners, will be scrutinized in comparison with competing, parallel and diverging stories, from other sources.



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