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A World without Liquid Fuels

We are already free of the need for combustible liquid fuels; existing technologies can supply all global energy needs, if deployed. Now, we need to build the infrastructure that will allow us to liberate ourselves from the corrosive economic dynamics of dependence on combustible liquid fuels. [...]

Citizens Climate Lobby: Participatory Democracy

In order to ensure that our economic and environmental policies harmonize with the life-as-lived interests of ordinary human beings, at the human scale, a grassroots movement of citizens has begun working to steer the US Congress away from corporate backers and toward people-centered solutions. The American economy’s dependence on fossil fuels carries an [...]

Building a Fuel Free NYC

The world is now entering into a new period of economic upheaval and transformation, in which old models of energy production, hobbled by massive contamination and market manipulations rooted in scarcity, will be phased out and new sources of energy will allow for [...]

RESULTS: A Message of Hope

Today I did something I never dreamed possible. As a representative of the world’s poorest of the poor, I lobbied on Capital Hill. If you asked me two years ago if I would ever find myself here as an advocate for global and human rights, I would have laughed it all away saying “you’re dreaming”. Yet, here I am. Today I did it. I gave a voice to the millions of voiceless people dying and suffering around the world. [...]

National Strategic Narrative: Sustainable is Secure

Col. Mark Mykleby (USMC) and Capt. Wayne Porter (USN), writing under the pseudonym Mr. Y, undertook to update the United States’ national security strategy priorities… Their findings show that only a national project oriented toward sustainability on all fronts can achieve reliable security in the multilateral relational matrix of these times. Read their report here…

Human-scale Public Policy

Open discussion with stakeholders, surrenderng planning authority and applicable development strategy adjustment to the developing/developer, dignifying the human beings who will be affected and who must participate with genuine agency in the process of deciding their own destiny—these choices motivate a better, clearer, more precise, more humane and more effective policy environment [...]

Real-time Sustainable Social Justice

We are moving through a period of global economic transition. The new economy will favor complexity over hierarchy, and work with ecosystems and civil society, to achieve a more harmonious relationship between individuals and their environment. There are certain key points that will define this progress and build resiliency and generative capacity into the global economic system [...]

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  1. [...] Generative Organic Optimization Demand (GOOD) is a way of looking at the economic landscape to determine how effective our overall strategies—our leading business interests, our laws, our system of education and our fabric of community, those things we do every day—are to achieving what people expect, what in fact is demanded by the ever-increasing population of human beings on planet Earth: better outcomes. [...]

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