League of Women Voters, NJ: After Citizens United: Democracy for Sale?

This event is not a Hot Spring Network sponsored event.
It is organized by the League of Women Voters of New Jersey.

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Hot Spring Network creator/director Joseph Robertson will present—in one of the afternoon’s double-length workshops—a comprehensive strategy for building a green economy to confront the global climate crisis.

The forum’s roster of speakers and workshops will be as follows:

Forum Speakers

  • Susan Lederman Member of the LWVUS Campaign Finance Task Force, Past President of LWVUS and LWVNJ
  • Jeff Brindle Executive Director, NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC)
  • David Earley Counsel, The Democracy Project, NYU School of Law’s Brennan Center for Justice

Double-length Workshops

  • Moderator Training: Linda Mather
  • Climate Crisis: LWVNJ Natural Resources Cmte (guest speaker: Joseph Robertson)

Workshops Session A

  • Moderator Training Refresher: Edith Frank
  • Grassroots Fundraising: Michele Tuck-Ponder
  • Women & Family Issues: LWVNJ Women & Family Issues Cmte (guest speaker: Michele Jaker)

Workshops Session B

  • Board Member Development: Roberta Francis
  • Immigration: LWVNJ Immigration Committee (guest speaker: Carlos Rojas)
  • Education: LWVNJ Education Committee

For complete event information, speaker bios and to register for the forum and the individual workshops, please go to http://bit.ly/lwvnj-092212

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