HotSpring Philly: Feb. 23, 2011

HotSpring Network Philly Launch - Get tickets!The Hot Spring Network is a social-networking project, which aims to bring together people with ideas, creative talent and real-world experience, experts, generalists and even the merely curious, from across the world, to share ideas and brainstorm solutions and new directions to major problems facing humanity.

Starting in February 2011, we will host a series of events in Philadelphia, designed to achieve in physical space what the website aims to achieve in virtual space: to bring thinking people together to meet, to share ideas, to potentially launch collaborations or just to expand their understanding of the knowable, operable world.

The roster for our first event, on Feb. 23, 2011, includes:


Steven Brower is an artist and engineer and the founder and director of Brower Propulsion Laboratory. BPL was officially created in 2007, although it operated for several years previously in secret. Recently relieved of the strictures of certain contracts, BPL has been able to reorganize itself publicly. BPL originates, develops, and prosecutes space missions with little or no money and very little know-how. Its various departments, offices, positions, and assets are all represented by one person, for the sake of convenience. BPL positions itself at the forefront of the aerospace industry in terms of its lack of resources and capabilities.

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Born in Papua New Guinea to an Australian volcanologist and a crocodile farm bookkeeper, Wendy Dent started her career in the arts at age 12 when she was awarded a scholarship to a Canberra theatre school. At 18 she finished college with top academic marks, winning the Australian Capital Territory’s ‘Youth of the Year’ award. She has made 25 films, from short comedies and dramas to feature length docs which have screened in official selection in 29 film festivals and events in the USA, Canada, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan and Zimbabwe. Wendy’s films have won 3 gold awards, including a special Jury award for ‘Film as Art’ at Houston International Film Festival, and a gold statuette for “Best Producer’ at The International Audiovizual Festival of Azerbaijan.

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Simon Hauger has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Masters of Science in Instruction from Drexel University. In 1998, he began the Automotive Academy’s innovative Electric Vehicle Program where he has lead students in designing, building and competing with Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs). He has developed a network of partnerships to support this work. The team and the vehicles they create continue to attract unprecedented attention. The Progressive Automotive X Prize allows Simon to take his students onto an international stage where they will have a real voice in the most important discussions of our times. Simon and his wife are parents to three terrific children. He drives a super fast biodiesel VW Jetta which he built with his students. He loves his family and his car.

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(Simon’s talk was re-scheduled for an unspecified future date, due to a family issue.)


Joseph Robertson is the founder and director of the HotSpring Network project, and opened the HotSpring Philadelphia launch with a presentation introducing the history and the conceptual framework of the project. He discussed a number of key issues the HotSpring Network seeks to address: including water scarcity, food security, the relevance and practical applicability of anecdotal economic reporting, financial transparency, the economic and technological viability of the transition to a zero-combustion energy paradigm, and the ongoing “hyper-convergence” of all media and transactional relations.

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