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Building an Intellectual Property Preserve

Our policy on intellectual property rights is oriented toward the flexible, controlled licensing of the Creative Commons, though not all of our projects, publications, content or intellectual property, offers the most open-use licensing.

While input from sources which may have patented processes or technologies is welcome, and all external intellectual property protections must be respected, where they exist prior to any contribution to The Hot Spring Network (the Network), our aim is to pool new ideas in order to craft vibrant new technologies and policy solutions.

To that end, all original content contributed to The Hot Spring Network is contributed with the understanding that the Network may be instrumental in developing new permutations of those ideas or more evolved phases of design and development. We ask that each contributor consider the value of sharing bold new ideas and seeking the connective resources of the Network, in order to improve on and accelerate the production of finished products related to the initial concept.

Contributions accrue to the Network, and may be modified or built upon, but contributors do not lose rights to their contributions. 

No one forfeits rights to their ideas through The Hot Spring Network, but ideas may be pooled, which means rights and licensing fees —if a finished product is developed through the Network— will be determined by The Hot Spring Network’s overall licensing and rights policy, and rights must be shared among all Material Contributors, as determined by the Network and/or its legal representatives, for the protection of each contributor’s basic intellectual property rights.

Join our discussion on trends and principles in the field of Digital Rights Management (DRM), and contribute your ideas to the future evolution of rights policy at this site…

For information about licensing any of The HotSpring Network’s content, project output or products, please contact us via email, at the following link, with the details of your request: HotSpring IPP Licensing Inquiry

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