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  • How do we reach new ideas?
  • And from those new ideas, how do we craft viable solutions?

These are the questions we seek to answer through The Hot Spring Network.

We seek to answer them by scouring the map of possible variations on what is currently standard or known, finding or shaping those new ideas, pushing them beyond the edge of the current paradigm and then researching and developing them. The goal is to achieve a new standard, either with technical applications or to resolve intractable problem situations.

How do we get beyond the strict constraints of what dominates our senses as obvious or unchangeable? This is the purpose of The Hot Spring’s innovation forum—to get around the structures that guide our thought and while informing, also limit our vision, aiming to uncover entirely new terrain, theoretical, experimental, or practically applied.

On the road to bold departures from the expected norm in thought and research, the brainstorm process is an invaluable tool. Letting the mind jump from one key point to another, conferring with dynamic thinkers, exploring tough critical angles and relentless analysis, will bring a distilled concept forth, which just might take us beyond what we had previously ‘known’ to be true.

The brainstorm is about inspiration, doubt, comparison, and expansion of the realm of thought, and sometimes pitched battle of ideas where only the most lucid and the most promising tend to emerge, when the energy is right.

We invite our readers to contribute entirely new, bold ideas, with the understanding that these ideas may be adopted by as topics for public debate, or as projects for research and development, where material contributors will be given a part of the debate process, possibly a hands-on roll, and fair compensation within the terms of any project built around that contribution, within the terms of our licensing agreement.

Begin submitting ideas immediately as comments on the pieces already published at, or by sending an email to

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