Non-ordinary Workflow: Laboratories of the Mind

January 25, 2013 in Building the Green Economy, Crisis Policy Forum, Education Innovation, HotSpring News, Mapping the Open Future, Thought Experiments by Joseph Robertson


The NOW Labz project (laboratories of human imagination that cultivate and thrive because of non-ordinary workflow) aims to enact the HotSpring Network‘s mission focus on “hunting the paradigm shift” and building a more humane future, through pervasive cosmology altering change that empowers human beings and makes their communities more resilient. NOW Labz will coordinate with other HotSpring projects, like FreeClearNYC, and Futurismo Verde, in hopes of giving voice to stakeholders.

The NOW Labz are, in their essence, small gatherings of brainstormers, setting out to frame and open and guide the process of inquiry into the imaginative options available to people across the Network. NOW Labz will put into practice the non-ordinary workflow inherent in the HotSpring Network concept, and aim to double-up on the acronymical significance of “NOW”, by tapping the “network-operative wisdom” of people imagining over-the-horizon change together.

  • Energy technology and engineering;
  • Public policy and legislative process;
  • Economics, ecology and environment;
  • Communications technologies & press freedom;
  • Education and freedom of information;
  • International peace and security;
  • Human health and community resilience;
  • Stakeholder self-determination;
  • And many related fields…

Stay tuned for big things to come…