From Here to There: Mapping the Open Future

December 16, 2012 in Building the Green Economy, Discussion Forum, Future Voting, HotSpring News, Human Health, Mapping the Open Future, Quipu Economic Forum, Thought Experiments, Zero-combustion paradigm by Joseph Robertson

With the release of the Global Trends 2030 report, immediately on the heels of Superstorm Sandy, Typhoon Bopha and the less than adequate achievements of the COP18 negotiations at Doha, the HotSpring Network is launching a series of reports designed to chart a course toward the realization of an open future. That future will see the achievement of complex but urgently necessary tasks for moving humanity beyond the entrenched legacy patterns of the feudal paradigm.

We have not yet escaped the feudal paradigm. Centralized, hierarchical power, passed from one iteration of the power class to another, often with little to no input from ordinary people, families and communities, even stakeholders, continues to be standard operating procedure, even in many democracies. We can do better than to ignore stakeholder interest, community asset building and to condone major tragedies whose eventuality is built into the framework of our political and economic activities.

The key tasks we have before us are:

  • adequate assessment of human vulnerability to system-driven accident;
  • sustainable, smart, evolving solutions across the full spectrum of policy;
  • an always active focus on real value at the human scale;
  • systems that allow for, defend and propagate, active exercise of more humane practices;
  • open policy-making processes that elevate sustainable envisioning of over-the-horizon change;
  • as near to absolute as possible elimination of unaccountable decision-making that affects large numbers of people, or defenseless communities.

There are many specifics that will come to prominence as we build toward this open future and at last transcend the psychologically addictive but corrosive logic of the feudal system for concentrating power, but elemental in every instance will be the decentralization of power and influence and the empowerment of individuals, families and communities through democratic processes that do not allow for the denigration or marginalization of other groups.

As we move ahead with this project of Mapping the Open Future, we will emphasize a few core activities and methodologies:

Other major developments, such as sustainable food supply practices, more fluid and persistent job opportunity, and political liberation, will follow as the status of human beings and their communities, with regard to the above activities and methodologies, improves.

We invite your comment on this page, to help us steer our process of inquiry and reporting, on the process of mapping our open future.