Oil Spill Ongoing in Gulf of Mexico for 7 Years

February 6, 2012 in Climate Destabilization, Ecosystem Resilience, Quipu Economic Forum by Joseph Robertson

From the Courthouse News Service:

A broken underwater wellhead has been dumping 4,000 gallons of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico for seven years, and neither its owner nor state or federal governments have informed the public or seriously tried to stop it, six environmental groups claim in Federal Court.

Lead plaintiff Apalachicola Riverkeeper sued Taylor Energy Co., acting with its co-plaintiffs as the Waterkeeper Alliance.

“This lawsuit is necessary because of Taylor’s slow pace in stopping the flow of oil from its well(s) into the Gulf,” the complaint states.” To the best of the Waterkeepers’ knowledge, this contamination continues after seven (7) years of flow.

“This lawsuit is also needed because of the secrecy surrounding Taylor’s response to a multi-year spill that threatens public resources. Such secrecy is inconsistent with national policy that ‘Public participation in the … enforcement of any [Clean Water Act or RCRA] regulation … shall be provided for, encouraged, and assisted.” (Brackets in complaint.)

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