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The Hot Spring Network

The Hot Spring Network is a social-networking project, which aims to bring together people with ideas, creative talent and real-world experience, experts, generalists and even the merely curious, from across the world, to share ideas and brainstorm solutions and new directions to major problems facing humanity.

Words Against Chaos

Words Against Chaos is a compendium of publications and reference materials relevant to, forming part of or produced by The Hot Spring Network, Cafe Sentido, Casavaria, or other projects of Joseph Robertson. It is meant to sift the news of the world, and provide comment and analysis, in such a way as to foster a higher level of discourse and a solutions-oriented mindset, regarding issues of global import.


The GreenNOVAtion site is a project of the Villanova University sustainability community, aimed at coordinating projects and sharing solutions related to sustainability and long-term climate neutrality (elimination of carbon emissions) going on across the campus and in the wider region. The on-campus social networking project, on BlackBoard, began operation in May 2011, and the public site went live in February 2012.

Citizens Climate Lobby

Citizens Climate Lobby is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, made up of volunteers from around the United States and Canada, who work to build the political will for sustainable national climate policy. They lobby members of Congress, providing factual information and working to build a coalition of support for a transition to clean fuels. Joseph Robertson is involved with CCL NJCCL NYC and CCL Villanova.

Futurismo Verde

Futurismo verde es un proyecto de la Hot Spring Network, dedicado al debate, la elucidación y el desarrollo de ideas nuevas sobre la tecnología verde, la ciencia ecológica y el estudio actual y global de la economía a base de la sostenibilidad medioambiental y climática. Es un foro dedicado al desarrollo de estas investigaciones y debates en español.

Quipu Economic Forum

The quipu was a precolombian archival technology used by agents of the Inca emperor. It was used to track the tributes paid by distinct clans and tribes across a unique region, and was encoded by the quipuista, the tax agent. The unique system of encryption gave the quipuista sustainable power in the hierarchy of the Inca empire. The Hot Spring Network proposes to turn this power back to all people everywhere, using Internet technology to harvest useful anecdotal evidence and incentivize pervasive persistent transparency in economic reporting.

Poet Economist’s Deep Green Daily

Deep green economics means thinking beyond sustainability, to forge a future that is not only characterized by a balanced relationship with nature, but by a thorough and civilization-wide commitment to a world in which the principle is not just respect, awareness and sustainability, but pervasive, mutual flourishing. The Deep Green Daily is a publication compiling news related to buildng a deep green economy.

Protect El Yunque

El Yunque is a sacred place, and the only true virgin rainforest in the US National Forest System. It is the most biodiverse place on the island of Puerto Rico and should be valued by all people across the world as a location of global natural heritage. The rainforest preserve is now under threat from corrosive development projects. This online project is intended to serve as a resource for people wishing to learn about, defend, promote and organize events in support of this natural wonder.

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