Fuel Free is a project designed to help deliver the kind of information and resources needed to focus attention on building a 100% clean energy economy. The paradigm will be zero combustion, and the ability to power vehicles, appliances, computation, communications and the rest of our technological existence without carbon-based or nuclear fuels, hydrogen or other fuel sources.

Wind power is a good model, because it can be used as wind or as electricity generated from wind-driven turbines. But we believe it is possible to go beyond wind power, to build new technologies within a new landscape of energy-transfer mechanisms, to allow us to live the fullest, most intelligent human existence, without needing to burn or to waste resources of any kind.

FuelFree.me is part of the HotSpring Network, which aims to connect people across the world to achieve paradigm-shift innovations that improve the condition of human existence and of humanity’s relationship to nature.

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