Using Film as Text

The first point to be aware of when you set out to use a film as text is that film is text. A text is a fabric of meaning; the word is, in essence, a metaphor, and a film is clearly a celluloid fabric, but also, in light and shadow, implication and subjective content, a […]

Writing Self Assessment

How & why to write a self-assessment of your writing portfolio or your writing process Whether you are writing short fiction to send to literary magazines, or writing for an academic setting, consciously forming a portfolio of your work, and engaging with that work in an honest, deliberative and insightful way, will help you to […]


Andrés González Sánchez estrena su primera novela

Andrés González Sánchez es periodista y escritor de Elche, España. Ha sido partícipe en el Taller Literario Pinzón 9, en Villanova University, y ahora continúa su colaboración con el taller y con Elindulnék, mientras comienza otra vida como novelista editado. Su primera novela ahora está en librerías españolas y hoy, miércoles, 4 de septiembre, Andrés […]

Leró: Bombazo at Wave Hill

Wednesday, August 14, 2013, at Wave Hill. The following photo gallery is from Bombazo’s performance of Leró at Wave Hill. Fundraiser for Bombazo Danco Co. Tour to Puerto Rico and New Orleans. LERÓ Choreographed & Directed by Milteri Tucker Concepcion Performed by Bombazo Dance Co in collaboration with Poets: Maria Aponte, Caridad De La Luz, […]


Style Improvement Guide

This guide compiles an array of observations and suggestions for improving the academic and critical style of research-driven student writing. It is not meant to be a hard-and-fast set of rules, but rather solid guidance that can help you to refine your language usage and shape stronger, more cogent and resilient arguments. Style improvement guide […]


The storm comes from a clash of diligence and indiligence breaking each other like oceans on the rocky shores of self-interest we perceive too late the leverage harbored and forced forward by grace and we drift like gulls with wings too wet into the clash and though it is never true that song is better […]