About Café Sentido

CafeSentido.com (formerly Sentido.tv) is a digital imprint of Casavaria Publishing and the first of Casavaria’s premium-class digital discursive communities. More than just a news site, it is the internet-based manifestation of a necessary, yet daring, ongoing project to create dynamic discourses, cultivate meaningful, responsible debate and probe the depths of our free press, through direct contact with the conceptual structures of our world, as much in the prose of politics and media as in the poetry of art, culture and language. All this comes together at Café Sentido with the aim of bringing to readers a deep, textured resource for comprehending events in the global community.

“Sentido” means sense in Spanish, as in reason or making sense, but it also means something felt or heard, and even the meaning of an event, a work of art or text, or of a statement, as well as referring to the five senses, which permit us to perceive and learn about the world. As such, Café Sentido is designed to be a functional digital community devoted to news and reportage around the world, with an eye to expressing the underlying situation, historical background, or philosophical divergence represented by a given story or chain of events.

Café Sentido also functions as a “roving exhibit space”, organizing art exhibits and thematic discussions, such as La Isla Flotante and The Written Wor(l)d exhibits, in Barcelona, Spain. The overall goal is to create a “place”, where the idea of place is redefined and where people come together to explore everyday realities in a deeper, more critical and/or expressive way.

Our Sustainable Development reports are one of the tools we bring to news gathering and reportage which will provide readers with a broader, deeper, more textured view of the world in economic and political terms. For this reason we also publish reports from the Earth Policy Institute and from another Casavaria project, TheHotSpring.net, whose aim is to use research, online publishing and open debate to help create the tools necessary for a brighter, more open future in which individual liberties are protected and elevated.

It is also part of Café Sentido’s business plan to begin to move into podcasting and video-podcasting, and to plan and realize events, including art exhibits, book presentations and theoretical and political discussions, making the site a truly multimedia affair. This will enhance the ability of our project to deliver quality news from around the world, in a format which is adjusted to your needs and tastes.