Brainstorming a Full-spectrum Sustainable Gotham

The goal of is to create a hub for ideas, comments, projects and collaborations, which have the potential to move us toward the day when New York City is a full-spectrum sustainable green city. On that day, New York City will use zero carbon-fueled vehicles, will derive none of its energy from carbon-based fuels or nuclear reactions, and a streamlined, on-time universal transit network will eliminate traffic jams, multi-hour commutes and MTA transit worker meltdowns.

The full-spectrum sustainable green Gotham will provide a far better quality of life, and will allow all New Yorkers to live free and clear of the corrosive feudal dynamics of the fossil fuels regime for energy production. Even the least affluent will be more mobile, healthier, better trained and more agile, equipped for adapting to a 21st-century post-industrial economy, where lifelong education, human dignity and freedom of vision and movement are the hallmarks of living in this world capital.

This project will focus not only on energy, environment, ecological resilience, clean air and water and sustainability, but also on the full spectrum of public policy areas where human-scale value is at stake: energy, environment, resource consumption, transportation, industrial production, distribution of goods and services, education, healthcare system access, lifelong learning options for job training, entrepreneurship, engineering and innovation, community banking, small business and asset building, voting rights, campaign processes, public access to policy-making, public accountability, security and human liberty.

To include any one of these concept areas in a discussion of sustainability moves us closer to the goal, but to exclude any one of them fosters an incomplete, and less well grounded, less stable paradigm for conceiving of, cultivating and enacting, a genuinely sustainable cityscape, free and clear of the obstacles and injustices of market failure and high-risk resource exhaustion.


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