Emergency Election Comment: Romney Wants YOU to Pay for Hurricane Damage

During the 2012 Republican primary, Mitt Romney said Ina televised debate that he wanted to eliminate the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). He was asked if he thought the states should cover all disaster preparedness, all rescue operations, all clean-up, and rebuilding. He said yes, but added that he wanted to go further, to turn all emergency management services “back to the private sector”.

That means: no Coast Guard rescue, if you are in need of water rescue, no city administration or state police coordination, if you require an organized evacuation or emergency services. Availability of fire service or ambulances would depend on the bottom-line considerations of for-profit companies, charging your city or state higher amounts than public employees would require.

It means that public authorities would not be held accountable if evacuations are botched, or your home is destroyed by a flood induced or worsened by public incompetence—as happened in New Orleans, during Hurricane Katrina. And we know that Romney’s view has consistently been that “the private sector” should enjoy immunity when providing public services. He has even sought advice from radicals who believe the First Amendment’s guarantee of a right “to seek redress for grievances” should be amended and rolled back.

The morally bankrupt, anti-Christian view espoused by Romney—that people should be on their own during a raging superstorm, other natural disasters or a terrorist catastrophe, should absolutely disqualify him in the eyes of all voters for the presidency. Those voters who have voted early and who chose Mitt Romney should go public with their outrage, and demand as many votes as possible for Pres. Obama, to help protect the United States from the depraved elitism of the Republican candidate.


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