Wael Ghonim Addresses Hundreds of Thousands at Tahrir Square (video)

Wael Ghonim, the new face of the Egyptian protest movement, abducted on video in broad daylight by Mubarak’s security forces and held incommunicado for 12 days, addresses hundreds of thousands gathered at Tahrir Square. Ghonim told the massive crowd that now is not a time for parties and factions, but for the Egyptian people to speak with one voice, to put the good of the nation ahead of personal interest, and to demand the end of the regime.

Ghonim was freed after intense pressure from human rights groups and at least one prominent media tycoon. But dozens of other human rights monitors and pro-democracy activists were also taken into custody, and now there are reports they may be subject to a concerted and far-reaching campaign by the regime to abduct, disappear and torture its critics.