Manuka Honey Kills MRSA: How Best to Apply Antibacterial Properties? (discussion)

Honey is a surprisingly complex and mysterious substance, known to have antibacterial properties, but which continues to reveal new qualities apparently favorable to human health. Now, scientists in Australia have discovered that a specific type of honey, is highly effective at killing the multi-resistant “superbug” MRSA. The discovery could give medical science a way to combat the spread of multi-resistant bacterial strains.

There there is no apparent “intrinsic resistance” to the special properties of at least this one type of honey, means there might be a way to prevent the evolutionary “selection” process from generating honey-resistant bacteria, buying time to develop treatments that could eradicate the threat of MRSA infection. Stopping the spread of MRSA is of vital importance to the quality of medicine in general, as staph infections impede treatment and recovery. [Complete text...]

What methods and strategies can be developed for speeding MRSA-effective Manuka honey to production and distribution for clinical treatment? What similar discoveries hold promise for treating multi-resistant bacteria?