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Essays on Aesthetics, Our World & the Making of Meaning
by Joseph Robertson

A brush moves over an uneven surface. It is tipped with pigment made from organic and mineral resources, a distillation of the environment. Its purpose is manifold, something beyond decorative, sacred. Such a distillation is undertaken, not merely to make a picture, but to depict, to portray, to record, to do with physical reality what the mind does with experience. Language, art, law, religion, technology, livelihood, love and literature, each operate both within and beyond the caverns of the mind, to cultivate, express and sustain meaningful relationships to our world.

The sounds, the memories, the suggestions conjured by what is depicted, are all parts of speech. Above all, they are parts of the human process of giving voice to what stirs within us as we navigate the living, furtive, streaming mire of temporal existence. Beginning from this understanding of the fundamental question of how we come to seek, take note of, transfer and create meaning, we can study the brooding facets of human interaction, in all its tragic and uplifting beauty.

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A Book for All & None
by Friedrich Nietzsche

Thus Spake Zarathustra is one of the great works of modern philosophy, and an indispensable precursor to all major trends in 20th century Western thought. The book is controversial in part because the fictional prophet who serves as its protagonist, and who professes a nearly mystical version of Nietzsche’s philosophy, does so in a way that dismantles many important aspects of the Western tradition.

Considered a challenge to conventional moral codes that dominated in its day, this late 19th century work of philosophy is still relevant today to the essential human experience. It takes the reader on a difficult journey through self-examination and through the subtle but ceaseless mix of problems that stem from needing to blend one’s individuality with the work of existing in society.