About Us

Mission Statement & History

Casavaria Publishing was established in the fall of 2001 for the purpose of cultivating and promoting literary work by new authors, with a view to transcending the barriers of language and geography, thereby creating a content-rich literary environment online.


By posting new literary and artistic creations in scrolling galleries at Casavaria.com, or by the sale of fully formatted, secure and copyright protected eBooks, creative people achieve a level of exposure and connectivity which may promote the recognition of and interest in their work.

General Goals

Along with Casavaria’s literary aspirations, its broad, inclusive structure is designed to contribute to the creation of a dynamic new cross-media environment with genuine independent urges, a presence, a face and a method that encourage marketing of quality creative work or of businesses with true conscience.

Intellectual Property Preserve

We are planning to integrate the broad array of new media projects, print materials and visual artwork, of which Casavaria is comprised, into a catalytic web of intellectual property that is both protected and distributed by its involvement in the broader fabric of these publications and services.

Expanding on our philosophy of “cross-pollination” of resources as a model for both publishing and new media in the coming wave of hyper-convergence, we seek to orient Casavaria and its participating publications to serve as an Intellectual Property Preserve, with versatile licensing structures and author-managed tools for promoting or syndicating content.

A number of innovations in connective publishing and social networking may accelerate this process. Casavaria will also build a unique new blog platform that will enable users to create their own sites, and to easily feed their content into the overall IP Preserve project commons, available to as wide an audience as the user sees fit.

Help us to build a better, more dynamic cross-media experience, by submitting your work, proposing new projects, or by offering input on the best ways to achieve a global network of cross-referenced sites, high-quality creative work, and new ideas in media and technology: E-mail

An Expressive Interface

A cross-pollination of resources, human perspective and the creative spirit lend Casavaria its unique character. The project is more than a publishing company, and aspires to become a potent and varied oasis for creative expression, analysis and commentary, without allowing language, ideology or commercial interests to limit or interrupt the capacity of human society to produce vital and personal expressions of the human condition.

We aim for a content-rich “ecosystem” of ideas, expressive content and innovative techological solutions and publishing platforms. Casavaria’s variety of media, services and content sources allows for an efficient productive strategy, wherein each aspect of the enterprise as a whole contributes to each of the others in some way, by its own fulfilment.

We aspire to publish not only our own catalog of books, but numerous classics and to do so while translating new and known material into several languages, to expand the market for each product and to help deliver sage and stylish art and literary expression to our audience. All of this is part of a guiding principle of privileging the flow of information and the access of the audience to creative work or informed research.