Geoversiv Envisioning: a Clean Future of Global Abundance

Geoversiv Envisioning is a project, a concept, a way of moving ideas forward, so that vital solutions to major problems can be brought about more quickly. The logic is: we trace the arc of discovery and invention, take as ecological a view as possible, to accelerate the process and enact Earth-friendly enterprise subversive of the status quo and generative of a relationship to nature that is better, smarter and more resilient.

It is part of the HotSpring Network‘s family of endeavors, aimed at achieving paradigm-shift solutions to intractable global problems, with the specific focus on highlighting, developing and shepherding (where appropriate) those cutting-edge enterprises capable of effecting the greatest change.

The Geoversiv project operates on the simple principle that all things that are going to be are already possible, that they begin to exist purely as possibility, then they materialize through our imagining and our ingenuity, and so begin to function in relative obscurity—the discovery and development process—, until finally, they come to life as thriving, resilient aspects of our lived experience.

We engage the transition to a 100% clean, regenerative sustainable future, by:

  1. Creating media for envisioning the clean, regenerative sustainable future;
  2. Reporting on developments in science, technology, business and policy;
  3. Drafting researched multi-phase proposals for moving forward organically;
  4. Providing consultancy on harmonizing operations with the transition;
  5. Initiating specific technological advances to speed the transition…

Geoversiv 1 is currently in the IP-development, organizational and initial funding phase.

Sometimes, our subject will be the work of others doing important things to alter the scientific and technological landscape for the better. Sometimes, our subject will be our own bold attempts to do the same.

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