LucidNYC: Feb. 20, 2013

Presenter list subject to change.

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At the Feb. 20th LucidNYC:

This event will be full of magic (literally). Learn the psychology behind creating great illusions.
Want to know what your pet dolphin or elephant is thinking? Ask them! Talk to the animals with the latest research on animal cognition and communication from the best in the biz.
But wait, there’s more (to be announced soon)! More presenters, more music, more activities, more Lucidity!!
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James George: Bye-bye, CGI!!

Media artist and super coder, James George, re-imagines the future of filmmaking through new open source 3D software that will significantly lower the barriers to entry, all while using commercially available hardware. See excerpts from his upcoming documentary ‘Clouds’ which is filmed with the new technology with stunning results. It will blow your mind!

Mark Mitton: Magic!!!

Join Master magician, Mark Mitton, as he reveals the science and psychology of creating great illusions. See him at Lucid before he disappears!

Jesse Sheidlower: WTF?!?!

Lexicographer and language expert, Jesse Sheidlower will explain how words get adopted into the Oxford English Dictionary and how the digital revolution will effect the evolution of language as we know it? He is the Editor at Large of the Oxford English Dictionary; the author of The F-Word, a detailed history of the word fuck; & the President of the American Dialect Society.


Marc Devine swings through with piano and bass, provided by our friends at

Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late! Get your tickets now!!

What is Lucid?

“Lucid is – hosting live events in a dinner-lounge setting, featuring a handful of diverse innovators from various disciplines. After the talks, which last 10-15 minutes each, the small audiences mingle with the presenters and one another. The result is what you make of it – MENSA style thinkers’ club, mellow networking event, brainy dating opportunity – or a mix of all three. Whatever your angle, it’s good, smart fun and a refreshing change from the usual hipster scene offerings.”

Our mission: Create intimate, social, fun, and inspiring events which expose people to emerging ideas in action and encourage attendees to cross social and professional silos, with the hope that such ‘cross-pollination’ will create unexpected and positive results.

Select list of past presenters: Andy Bichlbaum (The Yesmen), Ji Lee (Creative Director at Google & Facebook), Dave Gallo (Director of Special Projects at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute), Jason Silva (Techno-philosopher / Futurist and TV Host), Chuck Hoberman (Artist/designer/engineer), Gretchen Rubin (Author, The Happiness Project), Jeff Hoffman (A co-founder and former CEO in the Priceline family of companies / ‘Serial Entrepreneur’), Stuart Firestein (Chair of Biological Sciences at Columbia, author of ‘Ignorance’), Seth Reiss (Head writer for, The Onion), Scott Belsky (founder of Behance network), Jonah Peretti (founder of Buzzfeed, Co-Founder of The Huffington Post), Cindy Gallop (Founder of / contact: Facebook Fan Page: LucidNYC / Tweet @Lucidnyc

Venue has a two drink minimum for table service. Presenter list is subject to change and all ticket sales are final.

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