Postales de Filadelfia (bilingual edition)

postales-cover-200x309The most recent work by award-winning Chilean poet Carlos Trujillo, Postales de Filadelfia (bilingual edition), published in the original Spanish, with translations into English by both Brian Yates and Joseph Robertson, is now in print. The book is an intimate journey through times of great personal change, solitude, love and discovery. It follows the analysis of Paul Pines, in his essay “The Word at the Center of the World”, regarding Trujillo’s last bilingual publication, Palabras/Words:

“Trujillo uses the word in the same way a quantum physicist might a proton, breaking it into ever smaller particles to get as close as possible to the Big Bang of our origin, the indivisible point from which creation explodes. It is personal and trans-personal, beyond control of the poet even within the poem.”

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