CafeSentido Celebrates its 400,000th Reader

Cafe Sentido has gone through various incarnations—first ContourNews, then, including two supplements:, an art and exhibits forum, and The Global Intercept, a headline-linking and rapid-review forum—before taking on its current format as the broadsheet online magazine, which combines all of the prior incarnations in one forum. On Tuesday, July 19, we reached our 400,000th reader.

Cafe Sentido is still a small, independent publication, with a vision to grow, over time, and establish a new kind of online news source, integrating culture, commentary, science, economics, political analysis and straight news reporting. We look forward to continued growth and thank our readers for their participation, their interest and their attention, respect for which we hold as a sacred commitment. We believe a free and vigorous press is the frame on which a democracy is built.

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