New Informal MBA Program 'Crowd-sourced'

A unique new idea for an MBA program that is neither accredited nor tuition-dependent, just a free community of people getting together to teach each other important lessons about business management and innovative thinking, relies on crowd-sourcing to decide who participates and what the agenda is.

From Seth Godin’s blog:

More than 48,000 people visited the page that described the program and 350 really cool, talented people applied. I picked 27 finalists and all of them flew out to New York to meet each other. This was the most fun I’ve ever had at a cocktail party (it helped that it was at eight o’clock in the morning). The conversations that day were stunning. Motivated people, all with something to teach, something to learn and something to prove. I asked each person to interview as many other people as they could. After three hours, I asked everyone to privately rank their favorite choices… “who would you like to be in the program with you?”

Interestingly, the participants don’t just study; they learn by running ventures. The initial idea was for them to work on projects created by the project organizer, but the inspiration of the group was to work on projects of their own creation. One example is the free ebook fear.less: stories of conquering fear.

The focus is on sharing, discovering and cultivating powerful new ideas. There is an emphasis on the creation of innovative online communities. One example of this is The 150 Project, which aims to connect businesses to networks that center on their customer base and brand loyalty, or to form commercial “tribes”.