Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, the Original Paper (1905)

Albert Einstein has earned over the course of the last 103 years the reputation as the most revolutionary and visionary scientist in modern history, perhaps of all time. His discoveries fundamentally changed what science could claim as knowledge about the physical laws of the universe, and the revelations that stem from his work have affected —in some way or another— virtually every aspect of life in the human world. In the spirit of his ability to go beyond the known scientific tradition, we offer his complete original treatise on Special Relativity:

Relativity as a scientific concept was not invented by Einstein, but by Galileo Galilei, who posited that both motion and rest are relative to ambient factors, and that absolute uniformity cannot exist in the question of motion. Einstein’s special relativity demonstrates that this thinking applies to all questions of motion and rest, to space and time, and to electrodynamics. In so doing, it disproves Newton’s conception of space and time as absolute realities measurable by fixed parameters, showing that they are in fact perceptive realities, dependent on the motion of the perceptive body relative to the perceived point across a continuous fabric of space-time.

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